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Contoh Descriptive Text Orange

Pada kesempatan yang lalu ogut sudah memberikan info Descriptive Text tentang  Contoh Descriptive Text My Beloved Cat, untuk kesempatan kali ini ogut ingin memberikan contoh descriptive text mengenai orange. Oke..untuk selengkapnya baca terus dibawah ini yach..

Orange, the popular fruit which is easy to find and relatively cheap, in fact contain much nutrition, which is good for our health. The fruit has widely been known as not only vitamin and mineral-rich fruit but also containing essential substances, which cannot be produced by human body. As a matter of fact, those substances are necessary since they are used in the process of the growth and development of human body.

The non-nutrition compounds in orange can minimize the risk of some dreadful diseases, such as cardiovascular, cancer, and eyes problems. Unfortunately, for many years people see the fruit only as the source of vitamin C while actually it also produces carbohydrate, potassium, calcium, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B, phosphor, magnesium, riboflavin, another natural chemical compounds.

Consuming orange is also suggested for those who have diet programme since there are only 60-80 calories in one fruit. Therefore, by having this fruit in daily menu, someone can reduce his or her weight.

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