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Recount Text My Unfortunates

Dalam kesempatan sebelumnya ogut sudah memberikan contoh mengenai Recount Text My Rush Time as a Journalist, nah pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan memberikan contoh Recount Text My Unfortunates. Silahkan di simak recount text dibawah ini yach...
Recount Text : My Unfortunates

Last weekend was my luckiest day ever. Many good things were coming toward me.

When the morning broke in Sunday morning, I woke up and planned to jog around the neighborhood. So I changed my clothes and went to the bathroom to wash my sleepy face. As I stepped in the bathroom, I landed my foot on a soap in the floor and feel down. A perfect morning hi for me. Next, I began my jogging and saw my gorgeous neighbor, jogging to. I though it was a good fortune to omit the gap between us. So I jogged to him and say hello. But, how poor of me, it was not him. It just someone I never met before who looked like to him. I was going home with people laugh at me along side of the street.

When I got home, the breakfast already settled and I immediately spooned a big portion of rice and ate. After I have done my breakfast my mother came up and said that the meal have not ready yet and she said that I may have a stomachache if I ate it. It was proven, I had a stomachache for the next three days.

I past my weekend lie down on me bed and be served as a queen. That was not really bad, wasn't it.

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