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Recount Text Fishing at Seribu Island

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Recount Text : Fishing at Seribu Island

Last month, I left Jakarta for Seribu Island. I went there with some members of Jakarta fishing club, who organized the monthly fishing activity. Getting there was not quite easy. It needed two hours by speed boat in a bit rough wave. Soon, after our arrival at Seribu Island, we got a general briefing.

The chief of the fishing club gave some information about the fishing code. It included an explanation how to release out the hook from the fish mouth safely. Then , we began our fishing. We set out to sea early in the morning. Around 4 kilometers from the beach, we started to fish. Apparently, no one caught any big fish.

We caught mostly small yellowtail fish. After fishing for nearly four hours, I only got five fish; three yellow fish, one salmon and one little Merlin. It was not bad at all. In Summary , the trip was mostly enjoyable. Fishing is absolutely an interesting activity.

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