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Contoh Report Text What Is Tornado

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Tornadoes are known as one of the most damaging disasters. What is the description of tornadoes? A tornado is a very powerful column of winds which spirals around a center of low atmospheric pressure. A tornado will look like a large black funnel which hangs down from a storm cloud. 

The name "tornado" derives from the Latin "tonare". It means "to thunder." While the Spanish developed the word into "tornear" which means "to turn or twist". This is why a tornado is sometimes called twister or cyclone. 

The winds inside a twister can spin around at speeds up to 500 miles an hour, but it usually travels at roughly 300 miles an hour. This speed twisting makes a tornado the most dangerous storm. 

The average tornado has a diameter of about 200 to 300 yards. The smaller tornadoes are known as satellite tornadoes. These small offspring, about 50 yards across, can be very fierce and do lots of damage. 

The forming of a tornado can be very quick. Sometimes it can form in a minute or less. A tornado can travel across the ground at high speeds, then it can suddenly vanish. Most tornadoes last less than twenty minutes and travel less than 15 miles. However, the super storms sometimes travel over 100 miles before they are exhausted.

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