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Contoh Report Text Football

Pada kesempatan yang lalu ogut sudah memberikan info mengenai Contoh Report Text Satellites, untuk kesempatan kali ini ogut ingin memberikan contoh report text mengenai teknologi yaitu Satellites. Oke..untuk selengkapnya baca terus dibawah ini yach...

Football is a game played by two teams of eleven. They try to score by kicking or heading the ball into the other team’s goal. Ten of the players can not use their hands. The goal keeper can handle the ball to stop it going into the goal.

Games similar to football have been played for many centuries. The rules of the games were written down in 1863. In England, the FA ( Football Association ) cup was first played for in 1872. In the same year, England played Scotland in the first game.
Today the most important International Competition is the World Cup which takes place in every four years. Brazil and Italy have each won the world cup three times.

OKe..mungkin sedikit info dari ogut mengenai report text semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi kita semua.

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