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Contoh Narrative Text The Lady in The Moon

Pada kesempatan yang lalu ogut sudah memberikan info mengenai narrative text yang berjudul  Contoh Narrative Text The Lion and The Mouse, untuk kesempatan kali ini ogut ingin memberikan contoh narrative text mengenai The Lady in The Moon. Oke..untuk selengkapnya baca terus dibawah ini yach..

One day, one of Hous I’s friends told him about the “Pill of Everlasting Life” Hou I at once sent his servant to get it for him from the Queen Mother of the West.

The Queen Mother lived by herself on top of a high mountain. She was verty ugly. Her teeth were as long and sharp as a tiger’s. she also had nine tails. She spent her time making medicine from grass, leaves and flowers. At first, she did not want to give the pill to Hou I’s servant. When he told her who his master was, she became afraid. She quickly handed it over to him.

“Tell your master that the pill is very strong?” she said. He must not take it when there’s a full moon. If he does, he will fly straight up to the moon.”

Hou I was very pleased to get the pill. His wife kept it for him in a cupboard in her room.
One night, while she was gazing at the full moon, she suddenly decided to taste the pill. Her body immediately became lighter and her feet left the ground. She began to float up in the sky towards the moon.

When her husband saw her, he tried to shoot her down with his bow and arrow. But she was already too far away. In a short time, she landed on the moon. She felt very cold and lonely. She thought of her husband. Every day and wanted to return to him. But there was no way for her to do so. At last, she built a small house for herself in which she lived all alone.

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